Good code is clean code.
The best code is KilleenCode.

About Us

Two very adorable children in PJs
Two brothers in pajamas, sitting at a very old computer.

We are two brothers, with a ton of experience between us.

We’ve long known our skills are complementary. Our individual expertise, our shared foundational knowledge, and our commitment to quality results have left a long record of successes, individually and together. And we actually like each other, which works out great. So we decided to make it official.

In the software development industry, there’s a term for a certain approach where code is written to be concise, flexible, uncluttered, and well-tested; in short, where details matter. This term is called Clean Code, and when discussing it, we saw the resemblance to the code we put our name on. Then, we heard the resemblance to our actual name. And thus, KilleenCode was born.

Sean has over 10 year of experience in software development, and has led both small and large teams with proven results. He's a firm believer in the agile mindset and structured IT services, because quality is sustainable with the right process. Sean prefers to focus on the back-end systems that drive complex business interactions, and is happiest when he is tackling difficult problems via simple, maintainable code. Sean believes that test-driven development is a key to code that lasts, and that using agile practices to capture value first is the key to a satisfied client. He solves problems.


  • Agile software development & IT processes certifications (CSM, CSD, ICAgile TST/ATA, ITIL v3 Foundations).
  • Primarily Microsoft .NET / C# (including .NET Core)
  • SQL Databases (MS SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL)
  • NoSQL DBs (ElasticSearch, DocumentDB, MongoDB, Neo4j)
  • Test-Driven Development -- TDD/BDD, xUnit, NUnit, qUnit, jasmine
  • Acceptance test automation -- SpecFlow, Storyteller
  • Continuous Integration -- Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, TravisCI
  • Cloud Services -- Azure, AWS
  • JavaScript Libraries -- SignalR, KnockoutJS, Vue.js
  • JavaScript Frameworks -- Angular 1 & 2, Aurelia
  • Quality pipeline tools -- SonarQube, NDepend

Ryan understands that complexity isn't a problem that's limited to the back-end of software development. A gorgeous user experience is about the craftsmanship that goes into the detailed work behind the scenes. Browser compatibility, well-structured CSS, an attention to load times, and iterative design focused on the user experience are just a few of the tools he uses to deliver value to clients on a regular basis. His no-bullshit approach to tackling problems means that clients have an honest ear, because he cares about their success. The dark sense of humor doesn't hurt, either. Your message is only as good as how far it goes -- Ryan creates the results that help you connect.


  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Vanilla JavaScript (go figure, that's still pretty valuable)
  • JavaScript Libraries -- Knockout, jQuery
  • JavaScript Frameworks -- ReactJS, Vue.js
  • Semantic, accessible HTML5
  • Style Architecture / Thoughtful CSS architecture
  • CSS Frameworks (if necessary) -- Foundation, Bootstrap, Skeleton
  • CSS Preprocessors -- SASS/SCSS, LESS
  • Atomic Design / Development
  • Pattern Library Development & Use
  • Front-end build process -- gulp, browsify, webpack
  • Modular Javascript
  • SEO

Shared Skills