Good code is clean code.
The best code is KilleenCode.

Our Promise to You

As a client, or someone interacting with us, there are a few things that we want to guarantee you.

If you like these promises, you should see them in action. Contact us and let's get to work.

We Won't Bullshit You

This happens so often in this industry that we feel compelled to state it up front.

We're not out to make a buck. We're out to satisfy ourselves and our clients by delivering quality results. If we're not the right company for you, we'll tell you. If there's something you might not want to hear but need to hear, we'll tell you. When there are alternatives to consider, we'll be up front about that and try to give you the best selection of options. We won't seek to satisfy you in the moment if it means compromising the overall result. We don't bullshit each other, and we won't do that to you, either.

We Won't Treat You Like a Generic Problem

Tech consultancies like to pretend that every problem and every client is cookie-cutter. You're not. Your challenges, needs, and values are unique. We respect that, and by working with you to figure out what you value, we can produce results that both solve your challenges and support your overall mission.

We're all Going to Have Some Fun

When preparation meets opportunity, that's luck. When collaboration meets opportunity, that's fun.

When you're on a project with a shared vision, an open process, and the ability to execute quickly, work doesn't have to feel so much like work. You can have a little fun.

Let's have some fun with this.

We Will Teach You

We believe in informing our customers. Leaving you in the dark helps nobody. If you're confused, we can teach you. If you want to know the technical details, we can help you. Technology is your business; you should know what's going on.

We Will Be Transparent

With a process this good, there's no need to hide it. You'll have complete visibility into what we're doing and where we are on the path toward your goals.

We prefer to work in the open, and we prefer to work together.

We Will Own Our Results

We're doing this because we want to be accountable for results. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with those we work with, and for that to happen, we take responsibility for the outcome. If something doesn't work, we'll work with you fix it. If something can be better, we'll make it so.

We are always improving, because our name is our word, is our brand, is our results.